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INTRODUCING NEWP TOKEN NEWEX PAY IS AN ECONOMICALLY SUSTAINABLE, SERVICE-ORIENTED ECOSYSTEM. TRON GREENFIELD ($NEWP) NEWEX PAY is not only a new blockchain in TRON but also an infrastructure and ecosystem targeting to facilitate the decentralized data economy. It tries to achieve it by easing the process to store and manage data access and linking data ownership with the massive DeFi context of TRON. 100% SECURE ECOSYSTEM OF NEWEX PAY ($NEWP) TOKEN The Architecture The NEWEX PAY blockchain maintains the ledger for the users and the storage metadata as the common blockchain state data. It has $NEWP, transferred from TRON Smart Chain, as its native token for gas and governance. NEWEX PAY blockchain also has its own staking logic for governance. NEWEX PAY ($NEWP) TOKEN NEWEX PAY Token (NEWP) is a decentralized utility token within the broader TRON Chain ecosystem where users and dApps can create, store and exchange data with full ownership to form a new data economy.

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NEWEX PAY ($NEWP) STAKING NEWEX PAY Token Staking lets users participate in
staking in return for reward opportunities in a user-friendly environment
through different products like ETH 2.0 Staking and Locked Staking. We strive
to bring the best experience to users who choose to lock in their crypto assets
on our platform, and we are always responsive to their feedback.
TRON NFT The TRON NFT marketplace is a marketplace that features all forms of
digital artworks and collectibles. Powered by the TRON blockchain infrastructure
and community, the TRON NFT marketplace provides a high liquidity platform for
users to launch and trade NFTs.

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  • Vision

    Key partnerships include AIO IT Solutions (Singapore) and Business Engineers Asia (BEA), operating in 65 countries and working with major e-commerce platforms. Newex offers over 10 integrated tech applications and connects with 200+ partner companies, 15,000 SMEs, and 300.000 users in 20+ countries.

  • Mission

    The NEWP token, based on 10 years of crypto research, improves on existing tokens by creating real value beyond trading. It helps investors grow their assets, allows businesses to exchange value for growth, and gives consumers a 5-15% discount on purchases using Newp. Newex ensures safety and value for all users.


Experience a revitalizing sense of being reborn in a fairer and more valuable NEWP social environment.​

  • NEWP: NEWP serves as a multifunctional platform, fostering trust and collaboration through community and team contributions.
  • LOGISTICS: ...
  • NEWP TOKEN: Decentralized social network connects communities and fosters cross-platform interactions for individuals, locations, small businesses, and potential customers.
  • NEWP WALLET: Format facilitates payments, converting Ucon and other cryptocurrencies to fiat currency for location services or withdrawals.
  • SHOP.NEWEX.ME: Proactive shop system simplifies product listing, with a Website Platform and tools for community management and outreach.

Development Strategy

The technology development strategy for newexpay.
info revolves around implementing innovative algorithms
and robust security measures while prioritizing user
experience. Here's an outline of the strategy:

  • Short Video

    Develop an algorithm to optimize the display and interaction with short video content, enhancing user engagement and content discovery.

  • Content Moderation

    Implement an algorithm to effectively moderate user-generated content, ensuring a safe and conducive platform environment.

  • Connection and Friend Suggestion

    Create algorithms that facilitate meaningful connections and provide relevant friend suggestions based on user interactions and preferences.

  • Location-Based User Scanning Algorithm

    Develop an algorithm to facilitate location-based searches, allowing users to connect with others in their vicinity based on interests or activities.

  • User Data Security Measures

    Prioritize the development of robust security protocols to safeguard user information and personal data against breaches and unauthorized access.

NEWP token


  • In 2024, prior to the ICO for international partners, 200 companies will be engaged, contributing to development alongside Newex with an 85 million Newp marketing budget.
  • The global market will see a supply of 40 million Newp, totaling 125 million Newp for 2024.

  • The total Newp supply is set at 6 billion Newp with 2 billion reserved for
    countermeasures against cyber threats and community protection.
  • The 2024-2030 phase targets a market release of 385 million Newp,
    ensuring long-term service and control.


  • 2023
    • Building Infrastructure.
    • Core team Development.
    • ICO of NEWP
    • pre-ICO call to serve the community and upgrade
      the Newex Pay trading platform with state-of-the-art
      features to meet the social demands.
  • 2023
    • Project orientation Complete.
    • Complete Beta Test on app.
    • Finalize Tokenomics.
    • Market research.
    • Basic promoting activities.
    • The e-commerce platform is upgraded to be ready
      for product trading with NEWP,
      equipped with automation and livestreaming
      features for marketing activities.
  • 2024
    • Presale phase 1.
    • DEX Listing.
    • Token mining system launching.
    • Global partnerships.
    • SocialFI platform launching phase 1.
    • Global Event Launching.
    • Developing Blockchain Wallet
    • Updating modern trading platform features.
    • Developing a global 3D virtual tourism platform <.br> for the travel community in a virtual space.
  • 2024
    • CEX Listing.
    • Regional franchise partners execution.
    • SocialFI phase 2 version - Launching event.
    • Upgrading Application to connect business and users.
    • Building virtual world structures in the Metaverse such as shopping centers,
      rental booths. Opening partner offices in Malaysia,
      Indonesia, China, India and Europe AR,
      Metaverse office buildings will be opened in each country,
      Combined with an e-commerce site providing information,
      services, and products and goods exchanged through Newp coin.
    • Connecting with restaurant and hotel services...
      And A representative office will be opened at affiliated countries.
  • 2025
    • Integrate multi-platform payment gateway and international payment.
    • Integrate airline ticket and hotel booking worldwide.
    • Experience event for the application and travel with NEWP.
    • Launching NEWP’s CEX exchange.
    • Establishing an investment fund,
      investing in technology startups,
      building a innovative business blockchain,
      establishing a blockchain developing company.
  • 2025
    • Sponsor Fund for applications integrated NEWP token or NEWP’s API.
    • Launching SocialFI phase 3 version.
    • NEWP Chain and applications launching.
    • Upgrading Newex exchange with 30 currency pairs,
      blockchain wallet,
      games There are offices and warehouse in up to 30 countries with utility services,
      Metaverse, NFT AIO card is connected with e-wallet and logistics software/
  • 2026
    • Developing logistics technology.
    • Developing multi-functional Newp Exchanges.
  • 2027
    • Developing virtual art movies,
      musical shows to serve the social community,
      sports, games, virtual entertainment games, etc.
  • 2028
    • Developing driverless vehicles for commodity transport.
  • 2029
    • Developing e-wallets.
  • 2030
    • As the world is getting flattened on the Internet with
      a huge demand for global technology development,
      we develop digital banking services to keep up with trends and societal needs.
    • Aiming to expanding in 120 countries Continue upgrading blockchain platform,
      Metarverse, Game, NFT, logistics
  • 2031
    • Update...

Function and Misson: Bringing the good values to customers, businesses and social communities in Africa and around the world.

Newex's services and partner companies:

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